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#Antibody, an Emerging Series, is a collection of works on paper produced in spring & summer, 2020, by Teresa Vazquez. These pieces are dreams on the scale of antibodies that attempt to answer the question, “What is the experience of the antibodies as they confront the CoVid19 virus?”  They all use liquid media with various resist and hand-coloring techniques. Some feature one antibody figure, while others depict fields of antibodies in dynamic encounters evoking physical battles, ecstatic dance and unity in diversity.

Antibodies are depicted as Y-shaped bodies where the long-chains do not meet in the middle, and the short chains form secondary segments on the upper portion of the “Y”. Resembling outstretched arms reaching toward the sky, the shape implies a range of states of being - such as victory, joy, celebration, supplication, despair, prayer, exaltation, or a cry for help or rescue. The symbol for the Antibody is also reminiscent of Egyptian Hieroglyph Ka – meaning power, energy, spirit, life.

My most important  #souljob job during the pandemic; my most important meditation  for safety and well-being became the form and the meaning of this symbol. Illness and wellness can be profoundly affected by the symbols one keeps present in mind and heart. The symbolic representation of the #antibodies that populate these pieces has sojourned in my soul & shown me how to make these works manifest in waking life.

Economist & philosopher Charles Eisenstein has characterized this global pandemic event as the “Coronation” of humanity. This ordeal which goes beyond the Pandemic, is one all humans are subject to, perhaps even repeatedly, because it has become apparent to scientists that CoVid19 doesn’t confer permanent immunity as is the case with many viral infections. Hence, in the absence of a vaccine, the antibody protection is a hard-earned line of defense, or a significant ‘blood sacrifice’ that only someone who has recovered from the disease can offer. 

These pictures and cutouts invite us to meditate on personal and our collective immunity to the virus, and call for us to tune into our body’s warriors on the molecular level. I look forward to sharing the large- scale and #multipanel #mixedmedia #largeworksonpaper and also #alcoholink on #Yupo paper in the coming weeks & months.

#immunitydreams #recovered #dreamingwoke #activedreaming #michoreybeard  #artlovers #micho #tete #fluidart #indiaink #resist

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